Partnering with your business or organisation

OrgAssist will be focusing on building the capacity of Businesses and Organisations at all levels:  the Individuals, the Teams, the Business or Organisation itself, and the Board of Management.  This will be achieved through genuine partnering where the solutions are built clearly around identified and agreed needs.  To help you understand how we can partner with you to meet your needs, within your budget, why not use your free consultation time and find out more information.  Our key areas of expertise are:

Organisational Culture Development

Team Assessment

Team and Individual Values Alignment

Behavoural Coaching

Executive Coaching

Conflict Resolution strategies

Facilitated Discussions


Team Conflict Resolution

Conflict Coaching

Team Rebuilds


Change Management Partnerships

Single layer Outplacement Solutions

Multi-layered Change Management Solutions including

Management Coaching

Celebrating Resilience Workshops

Challenges during Change Workshops

On the Day - Change Coaching

Career Coaching


Rebuild of Remnant Teams


Customised Training - from 1hr to half day, full day and larger customised projects

Regional Training Program - One of our training agendas is to deliver high quality training for Middle Managers throughout
    Regional Australia with attendance on a per seat basis

People we work with: